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Using AI to Improve the NHS

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

How can ALTURIS technologies, and artificial intelligence in general, help improve Population Health? How do we leverage new technology to aid our GP practices across the UK to better serve their communities whilst using their (often limited) resources in the best possible way? Could we even get them more funding?

In short, we CAN do this by collecting, anonymising and analysing huge volumes of data and turning it into information that aids understanding, decision making and effective spending!

Allocation of resources based on clinical need is a significant challenge within the NHS, which is exacerbated by COVID-19. With the ongoing battle to save lives, and a world-leading vaccination programme taking place, senior leadership have even less time to think about a post-pandemic service and where investments need to be made.

The ALTURIS health analytics platform can assist NHS organisations in allocating health care resources through offering a nuanced understanding of population health, key trends and where the key challenges are likely to show up across the UK as well as in specific towns and communities.

Our system not only helps practices to code their medical notes quickly, effectively and consistently but it also supports medical practitioners to structure their interactions to collect additional data on areas such as co-morbidities, family history and socioeconomic factors as well.

In the short term, practices save money and time with the coding and storage of medical notes. In the long term, a rich seam of anonymised data is produced with a detailed overview of population health that gives insight into the best investments that can be made to improve the lives of the patient group.

We will be able to treat the disease, not just the symptoms. Even something as simple as the data showing a pronounced data spike for type 2 diabetes could mean a requirement for early intervention in population obesity and allow practices to apply for funding to run such activity.

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