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Getting Smart with GPU!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Running Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)-based hardware is expensive! But GPU's are needed for training A.I models, right?

Yes, though did you know that it's possible to only requisition expensive GPU hardware during learning and training phases for A.I models?

Once this phase is complete, the trained A.I models can run on general purpose computers, dramatically reducing the costs of operating A.I enabled Healthcare I.T. 🙌

To put this into context, if you trained the A.I and ran it on the same GPU-based hardware it could cost you $70,000 per year!

However, if you use the GPU for only 2 weeks during the training cycle, then move the A.I model to run on a non-GPU device, the cost drops to $3,500 per year! 👏. Who doesn't want to save over $60,000/year in operational costs?!

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