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How is FEDERATED Learning used? Healthcare and beyond!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Now that we understand that Federated Learning (FL) is all about data security and anonymity, let's delve into how the world is using FL.

It's already being applied in a myriad of ways:

In our humble opinion, (and also biased since this is our expertise!), FL is most valuable in the Healthcare Sector, and once it is taken full advantage of, it will radically transform the entire industry. 👏

The Healthcare Industry has incredible amounts of data about topics we want to know about: COVID, Cancer, Congenital Diseases, Genetic Disorders, Heart Attacks, Birth Defects, etc., etc.

But all this data is EXTREMELY protected, and for good reason! Our health information is private!

Therefore, traditional Artificial Intelligence models can't analyze all this valuable data because it would require sending the data across very risky digital channels. No one is willing to take this risk. It's a DATA SECURITY NIGHTMARE!

But with new, cutting edge Federated Learning technologies, we can finally keep the data where it is, ensuring ultimate data protection, while giving AI access to the information so it can analyze and therefore utilize all this valuable insight!



If you're into white papers and what to learn more about the applications of Federated Learning, we highly recommend checking out this very informative white paper, right here.

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact us.

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