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Natural Language Processing, Everyday Applications

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

So what is Natural Language Processing (NLP) used for, you ask? Well, you’re probably already using it everyday, or close to it!

NLP is very integrated into our modern, tech-based lives.

For example, anytime you use predictive text or autocorrect you’re using NLP.

What about when you call a company and respond to their automatic answering system by speaking your answers out loud? Yes, that’s NLP!

Online Search Engines? NLP!

Chatbots? NLP!

Google Translate? NLP!

Siri, Alexa, Ok Google? You guessed it, NLP!

Natural Language Processing improves our daily lives and is such a valuable technology that will only keep getting better! 🙌

Interested in learning how to apply NLP to your business or startup? We can help! Send us a message via email: or use our contact form.

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