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ALTURIS Technologies Could Save NHS Millions in Expenditures

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

As of 2021, 68 million people are eligible for NHS services. This amounts to countless conversations, appointments and visits throughout their lifetimes. Thus creating incredible amounts of data and information that is stored somewhere and everywhere, that as of today, is largely unorganized and under utilized.

This data holds the key to improving the quality of the already outstanding NHS. This improved quality will save the NHS millions in expenditure.

Currently, 20% of the population uses 80% of the trust’s time and resources! But using ALTURIS technologies we can identify that 20% and trigger focused intervention to better serve the patient, whilst saving thousands of pounds in precious funds.

Imagine a system that allows us to identify patients before they become part of the 20%.

Imagine a system that identifies a patient where an early intervention could prevent the need for years of expensive treatment, a win not just for the NHS but also for the patient!

Imagine a system that tracks key illnesses and trends in your area, then proposes early interventions that direct funding and expertise where it’s most needed.

Imagine a system that tracks future pandemics with irrefutable data on recurring symptoms (both immediate and long-term) and potential treatments.

IMAGINE NO LONGER. ALTURIS technologies can achieve all this, and more, and are ready to be implemented across the NHS in private and public practices!

Find out how to integrate ALTURIS systems into your practice: or use our contact form.

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