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ALTURIS Assist Gives Clinicians More Time to Care for their Patients

Ten days ago, one of Britain’s biggest chain of GP Surgeries, was thrown into the public eye for concern around their quality of care.

They have been accused of using Physician Associates, who have far less training and expertise than a GP, in place of GP’s to assess patients.

Along with this accusation, a truly disconcerting piece of news revealed that letters destined for GP’s — letters containing important patient information such as medical reports, test results and hospital letters — are often not read for up to six months!

This backlog of clinical correspondence can lead to serious repercussions for patients.

One of the NHS’s most senior GPs, Prof Sir Sam Everington, said: “If a letter destined for the GP is not being acted on for six months, that is a massive risk to patients, both in terms of the development of a more serious disease and them dying earlier.”

ALTURIS has developed leading technology to solve this exact problem in GP Surgeries —backlogs of clinical correspondences.

Using ALTURIS Assist, clinical data administration is streamlined, and clinical correspondences are addressed quickly and efficiently,

Physicians and staff simply scan letters, which are then sorted, coded and filed using ALTURIS Assist.

ALTURIS Assist is an innovative technology utilising Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to address this very real concern of backlogged clinical correspondences within the NHS.

This large practice was the only one in the spotlight, but they are not alone when it comes to this issue. GP Surgeries across Britain are bogged down by paperwork, and patients are put at risk without the proper and timely treatment of their patient information.

ALTURIS is giving clinicians more time to care for their patients, and ALTURIS Assist is a powerful technology ready to employ in GP Surgeries all across the NHS.

Ready to bring ALTURIS Assist to your GP Surgery? Contact us using our contact form or at


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